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Hi! I am Padma Veeranki, the chef, recipe developer, a budding photographer and voice behind Masalakorb. I belong to the pool of Indian bloggers out there who are attempting at…. before I get into the details as to how wonderful my blog is going to be in order to keep you guys hooked (I know I am being modest :P), let me share a bit about myself .

For starters, I am a mother of two not so small kids who are obsessed with food as much as me and a wonderful supportive husband who loves to sneak into my kitchen and make a complete mess out of it (even though the end product could be worth the mess ;-). My family and I have lived mostly in India, Singapore (not a significant amount but later you will find out that this place is the reason for my seafood obsession..best seafood ever!) and presently in Germany. I have been living in Germany over a dozen years and hence the little personal touch to my blog name -MasalaKorb (masala- spices, Korb- basket (German)).

What can you find in my blog?

Cooking food is truly an art that proves to be more therapeutic than you can imagine. I will attempt my best in providing informative posts and walk you through even the most basic recipes required in achieving that glorious Indian food that you have been craving for.

I will be sharing with you guys all of the wonderful, aromatic mind numbing recipes that have been used in my family since forever, adding my magical touch to it, which will give your local Indian restaurants a run for their money.

Why blogging? I think it is a great way to preserve all the hard work to pass down heirloom recipes to my children and many more inquisitive readers like you.

The golden Q: Why follow MasalaKorb????

MasalaKorb will convince you that Indian food is not just about dumping curry on a handful of steamed rice (that still tastes amazing though), but it can be much more than that. From easy 10 minute recipe, elaborate slow-cooking for delicious tender meat with bursting flavour to desserts with spices you never thought should be associated with sugar, this has it all.This blog will teach you to cook, present and make sure that you can eat this soulful food with your eyes and mouth. If I still have not convinced you of how amazing this blog will be, why not take a sneak peek & scroll through my Recipe Index :).

P.S: If you test out a recipe, do let me know through your comments. Nothing brightens my day better than a positive feedback and it is your encouragement what keeps me moving on and inspires me to contribute more to this site. I am always happy to take suggestions (I take criticism well basically :P). Keeping my fingers crossed ☺)).

Copyright policy:

All content (text and images) on masalakorb.com are the exclusive property of the owner unless otherwise stated. It takes considerable amount of time and effort to take pictures and blog about the food that I cook. Kindly respect the hard work. Thank you for your co-operation.


How to get in touch with me?

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If you have any queries related to my recipes or anything related to food or if you would like to request for a new recipe, please drop a mail to padmaveeranki411@gmail.com, contact me through the Contact page or leave a comment on this page. I will be glad to help you.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!!

Happy Cooking,



  1. Padma; I had no idea you were living in Germany. Here I thought if I ever get back to India, I would make it a point to visit you. (:

    As for seafood, of which I am a junkie, some of the best seafood comes from the Alaskan coast. Pricey, but well worth it. http://www.great-alaska-seafood.com/seafood-sale-090817.htm

    I look forward to more of your photography. 🙂

    Take care.

  2. Jains ll not use yeast n egg. Without using this Hw to do? Rply

  3. Good day, Padma! I am a wife and mother of three children in Colorado, USA. We all adore Indian food. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I’m hooked! Thank you for the wonderful tutorials filled with beautiful photos. I was wondering… Who manufactures the small wet/dry blender you often use with the stainless bowl and white base? (As used in chicken rasam post.) Do you happen to know if it’s available in the US? Thank you so much! Sandy

    • Hello Sandy!..Thank you so much for visiting my space and leaving such a wonderful comment :)…Glad you liked my recipes!!…Regarding the blender, it’s from Panasonic. But I don’t have any idea about it’s availability in the US…sorry about that…Thanks again 🙂

    • Sandy; This is a bit late, but if you have not found the blender of your choice, may I suggest a Ninja blender. They are wonderful. My wonderful kids bought me a Ninja blender and slow cooker. I loooove them.

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