Nutella Sandwich Party

Nutella Sandwich PartyV1

Grilled cheese sandwiches are totally amazing…. Gooey, melty cheese, sandwiched between crispy bread is  yummy! Want to make them even better? Add Nutella or a fresh, ripe fruit, and your grilled cheese sandwich takes on the sweet taste of summer. Creamy, nutty, salty cheese and sweet fruit make an incredible …

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Summer Vegetable Cheese Baguette Sandwich

Summer Vegetable Cheese Baguette Sandwich V1

Baguette sandwiches are such a wonderful treat. They have bread, vegetables and cheese….most importantly they are quick!! what more does one need? I usually prefer a Baguette over Sliced Bread. Only Baguettes can handle a fully loaded sandwich. And please….use the best baguette or ciabatta you can find. You’ll find a great …

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Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toast Sandwich

Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toast Sandwich V1

Do you like spicy Indian food? Ever wondered how you could make a tasty snack for yourself especially when you want it really spicy? The key to a hot, tasty Indian sandwich is the chutney. Making a good chutney can change your sandwich habits for good. Today I’m going to …

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