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    My name is Sally and I am writing because I have a passion for good, healthy living and exercise, and also as a mother who makes a packed lunch every day for her children. Where we live it gets pretty darn hot in the summer and my kids often complain that their lunches are ruined and drinks are warm by the time they come to consume them. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips to keep their food really tasty and fresh despite the heat. This is why, in my writing work, I have tried, wherever possible to write about how to beat the heat at home and outdoors.

    Recently I came across while researching a new piece, however it made me think of some of my older work on life as a working mother and how difficult it can sometimes be to make sure your children get good, healthy food. Would you like me to write an article for your site which covers some cool ideas for nice, summer drinks, sandwiches, smoothies, plus other healthy tips for keeping summer food fresh despite the heat?

    Anything I write will include authoritative resources including an ethical ice making company I write for, which independently reviews products on the market. I’m sure your readers will enjoy learning about how they can have a fresher, cooler summer this year. Please get in touch with me to discuss this further.


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