Pumpkin Burfi | Kaddu Ki Barfi Recipe | Pumpkin Barfi | Kaddu Ka Meetha Recipe | Pumpkin Burfi Recipe | How to make Barfi Sweet | Kaddu Besan Burfi

pumpkin burfi, kaddu ki barfi

One week ago, this little blog of mine turned 3 years old. It’s never too late to celebrate…Isn’t it? If you’re new here or have been following along with my ramblings, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and showering all your love & support!! I sometimes ask myself, Where did those three years go….they have just flown by!! They say time flies when you’re having fun and love what you do! So, today, I celebrate my 3 rd blogiversary with Pumpkin Burfi !  When I started this blog, I had no idea what I …

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Andhra Challa Punugulu Recipe | Punukulu, Punugulu With Dosa Batter and Maida | How to make Punugulu With Dosa Batter | Andhra Street Food Recipes

Andhra Challa Punugulu Recipe

The weather is getting cold with frequent downpours…the air is crisp with frosty bite, the falling leaves……typical autumn weather. This is the perfect time your soul needs to feast on something warm, hot and spicy. How about some Challa Punugulu with a cup of hot Ginger Chai ? Yes, I’m talking about the very famous road side snack in Vijayawada and few Coastal districts of Andhra. Today I’m here to share Andhra Challa Punugulu Recipe. Punugulu (or Punukulu), a deep fried snack, crisp from outside and soft from inside is a part of Andhra street food and is served with a range of chutneys. I …

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How to make Thattu Vadai | Thattai Murukku Recipe | Thattai Snack Recipe | Thattai Vadai | South Indian Thattai Recipe | Thattu Vadai Recipe

How to make Thattu Vadai, Thattai Murukku Recipe

As promised, my next Diwali Special share is a popular South Indian savoury snack, Thattu Vadai. This is my top favourite among the murukku variety. Well, I guess snack time is something we all look forward to and the joy of munching on crispy, spicy and flavourful treats is all the more better, especially when they are homemade. So, friends, let’s learn today How to make Thattu Vadai!! I have already shared Andhra Style Chakkalu Recipe. This is the version we mostly make at home. The various ingredients and spices used brings a completely different taste to the rice crackers. Click …

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Oats Dry Fruits Laddu | Oats Laddu Recipe | How to make Oats Ladoo | Oats Laddu with Dates | Oats Mixed Nuts Laddu | Easy Ladoo | Quick Diwali Sweets

Oats Dry Fruits Laddu, How to make Oats Ladoo

I’m sure all of you are gearing up for the most awaited festival of the year….DIWALI…Festival of Lights!! I plan to keep this Diwali simple..may be with just 2-3 recipes…..that too, specially for my readers!! My first share as a part of Diwali celebrations is Oats Dry Fruits Laddu, a healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising in taste!! Once you make this, I bet you will be making this more often…..Oats Dry Fruits Laddu packed with nutrition is very easy to make, super quick, healthy and you can binge on it guilt free…Can’t get better…Right? Do not limit …

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Curd Rice Recipe South Indian Style | How to make Thayir Sadam | Dahi Chawal Recipe | Curd Rice Recipe Step by Step | Masala Curd Rice

Curd Rice Recipe South Indian Style, How to make Thayir Sadam

Most of us, especially South Indians can’t imagine a satisfactory meal devoid of this grain….”RICE“. Whether it’s in Andhra, Telengana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka or Kerala, cooked rice is a staple to most people living in these states. It can range from simple plain rice or Khichdi to complex Biryani or Pulao, they are one-pot meals you can totally depend on when you’re busy. These rice dishes are quite easy to make, and are stunningly delicious. Today, I’m here to share one such rice dish, Curd Rice Recipe South Indian Style, which is one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever try and also …

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Dasara Festival Special Dishes | Dasara Prasadam Recipes | Indian Festival Food Recipes | Dussehra Recipes Andhra | Happy Vijaya Dashami

Dasara Festival Special Dishes, Dasara Prasadam, Dussehra Recipes Andhra

Happy Dusshera to all my lovely readers!! I’m going to quickly share with you a glimpse of the Dasara Festival Special Dishes prepared at home. Hope you will enjoy!! Dussehra or Vijayadashami, is the day that follows the nine days of Navaratri. In fact there is a belief that the war between Ram and Ravana went on during these 10 days and Ravana was killed by the hands of Ram on the tenth day. It is called as triumph of virtue over sin or immorality. Large outdoor fairs and melas are held with huge display of effigies of Ravana on this day. The effigies are …

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Kobbari Poornam Boorelu Recipe | Andhra Poornam Boorelu Recipe | Kobbari Burelu | Kobbari Boorelu Recipe | How to make Burelu | Poornalu Recipe

Kobbari Poornam Boorelu Recipe, Kobbari Burelu, Poornalu

The festive season has begun and preparations for the days to follow are being planned in every household. Navratri to New Year is most cheerful time of the year. The absolute joy of seeing an array of delicacies prepared during festivities is the most satisfying feast for the tummy and eyes. Today, I’m here to share Kobbari Poornam Boorelu Recipe on the occasion of Dussehra. Poornalu is a traditional South Indian festive sweet prepared in most telugu homes as a part of any festival celebrations. This is one sweet, which my mom continues to prepare even till date for every single festival. She is an expert in …

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Undrallu Kudumulu Recipe | How to make Modakam | Rava Modak Recipe | Aviri Kudumulu | Rava Kudumulu | Uppu Kozhukkottai | Vinayaka Chavithi Prasadam

Undrallu Kudumulu Recipe, Rava modak, modakam, Uppu Kozhukattai

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, most of you would have already started the preparations for the festival. This is the major festival in south Indian states like Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and also in Maharashtra. When talking about this festival, the first and foremost thing that flashes in our mind is Kudumulu/modak, Lord Ganesha’s favourite. Undrallu Kudumulu Recipe very simple to make, especially for novice cooks. Undrallu/Kudumulu is a savoury steamed rice dumplings which is offered as a neivedyam during Ganesh Chaturthi.  Undrallu or Rava Kudumulu, Modak, Modakam, Uppu Kozhukattai, Upma Kozhukattai, Pidi Kozhukattai….however you name it, this is one among the various …

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