Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji Recipe | Pav Bhaji Recipe Step By Step With Pictures | How to make Pav Bhaji at home | Pav Bhaji Street Food

Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji Recipe, How to make Pav Bhaji at home

Have you ever crossed a Pav Bhaji stall without succumbing to the temptation?? Definitely, not me!! When it comes to Mumbai’s street fare, Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular local favourites served in every street corner. Apart from the numerous street stalls, it now graces the kitchens of fine dining restaurants. I’m here today to share Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji Recipe, an utterly butterly delicious treat…. very hard to resist!!  A universally popular snack Pav bhaji, is a fast food dish that originated in Marathi cuisine. Pav in Marathi means a small loaf of bread & Bhaji means vegetable dish. Pav bhaji consists of …

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Pani Puri or Golgappa

Pani puri or golgappa

Pani Puri or Golgappa is the one of the most popular street snack and a tongue tickling crowd pleaser that doesn’t need any introduction. In my opinion it is the “King of Chaats” and is my most favourite chaat with out any doubt, which always brings a huge smile on my face. It comprises small spherical balls of around one inch in diameter, made up with semolina flour, rolled out into very small puris and deep fried to a golden shade. To check out the recipe to make puris for pani puri, click here. The hollow puri is slightly crushed on …

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Sprouted Moong Bean Chaat

Sprouted moong bean chaat

It’s time to give a healthy twist to the famous chaat that we all love so much. Sprouted moong beans provides a nutritious and protein rich base for “Sprouted Moong bean Chaat”, my next recipe to the blog hop theme “CHAAT RECIPES”. Sprouted Moong Bean Chaat” is very colourful, spicy, tangy, nutritious dish and can be served as a snack or no-fuss lunch. A chaat is usually associated with fried foods but the Sprouted Moong Bean Chaat is a healthy version of chaat with refreshing flavours. Sprouted Moong is usually bland in taste but by adding cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, …

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Puri Recipe For Pani Puri

Puri recipe for pani puri

Time for another round of Blog Hop and the theme for this week is everybody’s all time favourite “CHAAT RECIPES”. Chaat is a very popular Indian snack made mainly of crisp deep fried Indian bread in combination with fresh veggies and a variety of sweet and sour Indian chutneys. The word, “chaat”, is a Hindi translation of the English word tasting. The parent word from which the dish name has been derived is ‘chaatna’, meaning to lick in English. My first pick for the theme is PANI PURI OR GOLGAPPA. I tried hard to fit into a single post but …

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Quick Dates Tamarind Chutney Dip

Hi friends!!…I’m here today to share with you Quick Dates Tamarind Chutney Dip, which I have used in the last few posts on sandwiches – Summer Vegetable Cheese Baguette Sandwich and Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toast Sandwich. Any chaat is incomplete without sweet & sour chutney and green chutney, which play a key role in elevating the taste of the chaat. Quick Dates tamarind Chutney Dip is a very healthy one considering the ingredients that goes into it. Dates are power house of essential vitamins and minerals and are a fantastic natural sweetener. Tamarind is called Indian date. In today’s recipe, …

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Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toast Sandwich

Do you like spicy Indian food? Ever wondered how you could make a tasty snack for yourself especially when you want it really spicy? The key to a hot, tasty Indian sandwich is the chutney. Making a good chutney can change your sandwich habits for good. Today I’m going to share Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toast Sandwich, my second post for the blog hop theme “SANDWICHES”. For this I’m using two chutneys, coriander mint chutney and dates tamarind chutney. This grilled sandwich is easy sandwich recipe, but a bit long in making because we have to boil potatoes, but it’s totally …

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Sweet, Sour and Spicy Tomato Chutney

Sweet, Sour and Spicy Tomato Chutney…..It’s sweet. It’s Sour. It’s Spicy. It’s addictive. I have a passion for these spiced up sweet and sour combinations of food. This sweet, sour and spicy tomato chutney is an absolute crowd-pleaser and I’m sure you guys will love it. Tangy tomato pulp spiked up with fiery green chillies and balanced with the right amount of sugar makes it delectable. Often combined with green chutney, it is a perfect drizzle over any chaat item. Pair it with any protein you enjoy, use it as a sweet contrast to a spicy curry, spread it on …

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Coriander Mint Chutney or Green Chutney

Green chutney with flavours of mint and coriander as well as the tang from lemon juice is a versatile Indian condiment that can be used in many different ways. Coriander Mint chutney or Green chutney is very refreshing with burst of flavours. It is often paired up with sweet and sour chutney to assemble most Chaat items. Just a dash of this stunning chutney in any Indian chat preparation will give a new dimension to its taste. Great for dipping and drizzling, this bright, spicy sauce adds that zing to your snack. It works wonderfully as a marinade too. If …

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