Karuveppilai Rice Recipe (Karuveppilai Sadam) | Curry Leaves Rice Recipe | Karivepaku Annam

Karuveppilai Rice Recipe or Curry Leaves Rice Recipe

Curry leaves or Karuvepillai or karivepaku in different languages is an indispensable herb used in most Indian kitchen, especially in South Indian kitchen. No tadka or tempering is complete without the addition of fresh curry leaves. I cannot imagine making rasam or for that matter any cooking in my kitchen …

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Chicken Biryani Pressure Cooker Recipe | Spicy South Indian Chicken Biryani Recipe | One Pot Chicken Biryani Recipe | Quick Chicken Biryani Recipe

Chicken Biryani Pressure Cooker Recipe South Indian

This is my go to recipe for killer biryani!! Making flavourful Biryani can’t get easier than this, it can be made in a moments notice. This biryani is one of the tried and tested recipe for so many years. So friends, here is my version of Chicken Biryani Pressure Cooker …

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Vegetable Masala Khichdi | Spicy Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe | Khichdi in pressure Cooker | Preparation of Dal Khichdi

Vegetable Masala Khichdi Spicy Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe

Vegetable Masala Khichdi is a popular One Pot Meal and ultimate comfort food that’s cooked in just about every Indian home, made with rice and yellow lentils. It is so forgiving that it doesn’t necessarily ask for any side & you can be assured that all you need is a large …

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My 100th Blog Post Chicken Dum Biriyani

Chicken dum biriyani

Celebrating My 100th Blog Post Chicken Dum Biriyani, my signature recipe!! In November of last year I unleashed my very first blog post into the world and I still can’t forget the feel, excitement, curiosity…….. when I hit the publish button for the first time. I just can’t believe it, but …

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Lemon Rice Nimmakaya Pulihora

A super-simple way to liven up plain rice- Lemon Rice Nimmakaya Pulihora, a delicious South Indian dish you can easily put together when in a hurry. It is a part of a simple meal or a part of a festive feast. This zesty, fragrant rice is spiced up with green …

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Tamarind rice or Puliyodharai Recipe

Tamarind rice or Puliyodharai Recipe is an authentic and traditional favourite among South Indians. It is a tangy rice speckled with various spices, lentils, nuts and aromatic curry leaves. The taste of Tamarind rice or Puliyodharai Recipe depends mainly on the proportions of the ingredients. It is easy but at the …

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Pongal or Ven Pongal

In South India, Pongal or sankranthi is a harvest festival celebrated over four days. It is also celebrated in other parts of India with different names. It is like a Thanksgiving occasion to nature. We prepare Pongal or Ven pongal (hot version) and Sweet Pongal or Chakkara pongal (sweet version) on …

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