Gujarati Fajeto Recipe | Ripe Mango Kadhi | Indian Mango Curry | Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Fajeto Recipe

Mango, king of fruits, season is in full swing!! Who doesn’t like the sweet, luscious taste of mangoes? When I heard about this Gujarati Fajeto Recipe from a dear friend, I just had to try it out. Also known as Mango Kadhi, aam ras kadhi or Fajeto, it is a Gujarati dish made with a combination …

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Drumstick Rasam Recipe | Murungakkai Rasam

I’m pretty sure most of you agree that a South Indian meal feels incomplete without the humble rasam. There are many variations to rasam and this Drumstick Rasam Recipe is one of my favourites. Simmering a simple rasam is no rocket science. But the flavours are intricate, so getting a …

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Moong Dal Rasam Or Pesara Pappu Charu

Hi everybody!!…Today I’m going to share Moong dal rasam or Pesara pappu charu as a part of our Blog hop theme “RASAM RECIPES”. But before getting into the recipe, I would like to share some history of rasam. Thanks to blogging, which gives us an opportunity to go deep into …

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