Restaurant Style Dum Aloo Recipe | How to make Dum Aloo Punjabi | Aloo Dum Curry Recipe | Recipe for Potato Curry Indian | Punjabi Dum Aloo Recipe

Restaurant Style Dum Aloo Recipe Punjabi Dum Aloo Recipe

Potato is one food adorable by all age groups. It is never out of season or style and enjoyed in different avatars across various cuisines. Today, I’m here to share Restaurant Style Dum Aloo Recipe, which is more of the Punjabi style. This Indian vegetarian curry with fried baby potatoes simmered …

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Mukkala Pulusu Recipe | Puli Kuzhambu Recipe Andhra Style | Mixed Vegetable Stew | Dappalam Pulusu | Bellam Pulusu

Mukkala Pulusu Recipe Dappalam

Mukkala Pulusu Recipe is an eternal favourite in most Telugu homes. Also known as Dappalam, Bellam Pulusu or Teepi Pulusu, it is a traditional delicacy from Telugu cuisine. I would say it is a crossover of rasam and sambar. If Sambar is to State of Tamilnadu, then Mukkala Pulusu or Dappalam is to …

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How to make Bhaji for Pav | Mashed Vegetable Curry | Simple Bhaji Recipe | Bhaji for Pav | Mixed Vegetable Stew | North Indian Mixed vegetable Curry

how to make bhaji for pav Mashed vegetable Curry

I’m so happy with the overwhelming response I got for my pav recipe, especially when so many of them prepared and shared their feedback. So friends, let’s learn today How to make Bhaji for Pav, which makes it a perfect match to the pavs. The star ingredient of pav bhaji is without any …

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Sorakaya Palu Curry | Bottle Gourd Curry With Milk

Sorakaya Palu Curry V1n

There are innumerable simple recipes that we bloggers neglect to share, wondering who would make such a simple recipe and end up never blogging it. Today’s post is about one such comfort food, Sorakaya Palu Curry or Bottle Gourd Curry With Milk. Curry cooked in milk (Palu Posina Kura) is …

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Garlicky Tomato Onion Curry

A big Hi to all my lovely readers !!…Before getting into the recipe for Garlicky Tomato Onion Curry…let me tell you that I’m back after a wonderful vacation…But really sorry to keep you guys waiting!! Almost everyone who enjoys traveling is subject to what is commonly known as the post-vacation blues, which I’am …

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