Vegetable Chop Bengali Style | Vegetable Chop Recipe | How to make Veg Bullets | Bullet Kabab | Vegetable Bullets Recipe

Vegetable Chop Bengali Style, How to make Veg Bullets

Every region in India has it’s own famous street food and Vegetable Chop is one of the popular mouthwatering street food from the state of West Bengal. Vegetable Chop Bengali Style is nothing but a vegetarian version of cutlet.  The filling is a combination of mashed potato and some vegetables like, …

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Recipe for Mishti Doi | Bengali Sweet Yoghurt | Meetha Dahi

You are all set to throw a party and listed down an impressive menu but a dessert is missing. I have an idea for you…just whip up some Mishti Doi!! An extremely addictive dessert option, which has minimum preps and requires minimum effort. You just need to be lucky enough …

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Spicy Cauliflower Curry Bengali Style | Dhonepata Fulkopi

My next recipe to the Bengali cuisine blog hop theme is Spicy Cauliflower Curry or Dhonepata Fulkopi. I wanted to make dum aloo to go with luchi, but we just had poori with potato masala two days back and I didn’t want another potato curry. The cholar dal goes well, but …

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