Kerala Style Parotta | Malabar Parotta | How to Make Kerala Parotta at Home | Layered Paratha Recipe | How to make Soft Maida Paratha

Kerala Style Parotta

For most of us, Parotta has always been a restaurant affair!! But, sometimes we do crave for food that’s really not part of our everyday menu. Well, I’m talking about Kerala Style Parotta or Malabar paratha, which is a thing of immense joy that’s super delicious but preparing requires a special skillset and it’s also time consuming. I always wanted to give it a try. Believe me, truly exceptional parottas can be made right at home. Yet another addition to my repertoire of Indian Breads. A Parotta, Porotta, Barota or Paratha is a layered flat bread usually available as street food and in restaurants across …

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