Pachi Pulusu Andhra Style | Raw Tamarind Rasam | Andhra Pachi Pulusu Recipe | Easy Rasam Recipe Andhra | Quick Rasam Recipe | Pachi Pulusu Recipe Video

Pachi Pulusu Andhra Style, Raw Tamarind Rasam

Do you want to have something light, make it literally in a jiffy, no effort involved, yummy as well as a satisfying meal……then, Pachi Pulusu Andhra Style is exactly what you should be preparing right away!! This is what I call simplicity at its best!! This is a traditional Andhra style recipe typically served with rice and Mudda Pappu. The best part is that it requires no cooking (pachi means raw), so, you can also call it “Raw Tamarind Rasam”. It has a fluid consistency like any other rasam variety.  Pachi pulusu is usually prepared during Summers when it is scorching …

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Gujarati Fajeto Recipe | Ripe Mango Kadhi | Indian Mango Curry | Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Fajeto Recipe

Mango, king of fruits, season is in full swing!! Who doesn’t like the sweet, luscious taste of mangoes? When I heard about this Gujarati Fajeto Recipe from a dear friend, I just had to try it out. Also known as Mango Kadhi, aam ras kadhi or Fajeto, it is a Gujarati dish made with a combination of ripe mango pulp, yogurt, chickpea flour and a few selected spices. It is eaten specially with aamras and puri, but you can also serve it with steamed rice and phulkas. In the beginning, I was very skeptical on how the sweet taste of Mango goes with the tanginess of the kadhi, but I can …

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Drumstick Rasam Recipe | Murungakkai Rasam

I’m pretty sure most of you agree that a South Indian meal feels incomplete without the humble rasam. There are many variations to rasam and this Drumstick Rasam Recipe is one of my favourites. Simmering a simple rasam is no rocket science. But the flavours are intricate, so getting a balance of the flavours is the trick. Drumsticks are widely used in many South Indian preparations and also in Bengali and Konkani cuisines. You can’t imagine what an amazing flavour this magical slender, green juicy vegetable can impart!! Only the insides of the drumsticks are edible – that is, the …

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Pappu Charu Andhra Style / Indian Lentil Soup

Pappu Charu Andhra Style

Sitting down and enjoying mom’s food in India without having to cook, click and most importantly, finding an answer to the routine question…What’s for dinner??? It’s such an amazing feeling though I know that amma is having tough time finding answer to the same question .  Btw….did I tell you I’m in India for a holiday??.. I had decided not to blog but today I just sat down to clean up my laptop while chatting with family. In the process, I found photos for a few recipes, of which Pappu Charu Andhra Style caught my attention…..I usually have a back up of …

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Beetroot Garlic Lemon Rasam

A soup or rasam can do what a medicine never can – soothe and relax you when you’re down with cold, cough and fever. It’s by far the most comforting food, which is healthy and delicious too. Usually beetroot is taken as salads, sometimes as a soup or fry, stuffing in parathas etc.. But today I’m going to present you a healthy and delicious Beetroot Garlic Lemon Rasam, my third and last recipe to the blog hop theme “RASAM”. Do check out my other two rasam recipes for the blog hop – Moong dal rasam and Chicken rasam!! We all …

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Chicken Rasam or Indian Style Chicken Soup

A bowl of soup may take up so many other names, call it broth, stew, chowder, gumbo, bouillabaisse, potage, bouillon….according to its texture, ingredients and also the cuisine it belongs to. Nevertheless, a bowl of soup by another name would be as comforting as rasam, a spicy South Indian soup, a must in most Indian vegetarian cuisine. But today’s Chicken Rasam or Indian Style Chicken Soup, my second post to the Blog hop theme “RASAM RECIPES”, uses almost the same spices used in the regular rasam – cumin seeds, red chillies, black/white peppercorns, mustard seeds – minus the tamarind essence and asafoetida plus …

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Moong Dal Rasam Or Pesara Pappu Charu

Hi everybody!!…Today I’m going to share Moong dal rasam or Pesara pappu charu as a part of our Blog hop theme “RASAM RECIPES”. But before getting into the recipe, I would like to share some history of rasam. Thanks to blogging, which gives us an opportunity to go deep into the subject and do some research to expand our knowledge and provide some valuable information to my lovely readers. Not interested??…..No problem, then scroll down directly to the recipe!! Rasam, chaaru, saaru or kabir is a South Indian soup, traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition of tomato, chili pepper, pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings. Steamed lentils are also …

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Pumpkin Carrot soup with ginger

Soup can be totally satisfying and phenomenally healthy if you make it with the right ingredients. In today’s recipe the “right” ingredients include warming herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, green chilli, and pepper. This Pumpkin Carrot Soup with Ginger is creamy, soothing and delicious! Ginger is a very warming spice, which makes this soup a perfect winter-warmer. The most common pumpkin is the orange hokkaido, which is a good one to cook with because it doesn’t need peeling if you buy an organic one. This orange soup is a powerhouse of vitamins and is such a comforting winter treat with …

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