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Allam Garelu - Ginger Vada | Minapa Garelu Recipe | How to make South Indian Vada

Allam Garelu / Ginger Vada / Minapa Garelu / Ulundu vadai is a traditional Vada prepared in South India. It a deep fried doughnut shaped festive snack prepared with the Urad dal and offered to God as prasadam.
Prep Time4 hrs
Cook Time30 mins
Total Time4 hrs 30 mins
Course: Snack / Breakfast
Cuisine: Indian (South Indian)
Author: Padma Veeranki


  • 1 Cup Urad dal
  • 4-5 Green chilies finely chopped
  • 2-3 " Ginger Allam piece, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon Cumin Seeds
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying


Preparing the Batter:

  • Wash and Soak Urad dal for 3-4 hours.
  • Wash the dal again and blend to a coarse paste. Add very little water while grinding.
  • Add finely chopped chilies, ginger pieces and cumin seeds.
  • To this add required salt and mix well.
  • Now, whip the batter for 2-3 .minutes until fluffy with the help of a spoon.

Deep Frying:

  • Heat oil for deep frying, make the Garelu shape with a hole in the middle using your hand or on a plastic cover and slowly drop them into the oil. Do not over crowd the pan.
  • Fry until both sides until they turn golden brown.
  • Remove them out of oil and place them on a paper towel.
  • Serve hot with chutney of your choice.

Recipe Video


  • Adjust quantity of green chillies and ginger to suit your spice levels. You can also grind them along with urad dal while preparing batter.
  • You can add a teaspoon of rice while soaking dal or add a little rice flour after grinding. The rice flour helps to get crispy vadas.
  • Be sure to add as little water as you can while grinding the batter. Otherwise, the vada will not hold shape or then absorb a lot of oil.
  • Be careful while dropping vada into the hot oil; Oil will splash onto your hand and burn you.
  • For prasadams, usually we do not add onions. But, you can also prepare vada by adding onions, coriander or even mint leaves gives a nice aroma and taste to the vada.
  • Adding mint leaves gives aroma and nice taste ┬áto the vada.
  • If you have left over Garelu, just make Perugu Vada / Dahi Vada.