Khatta Dhokla Recipe | White Dhokla With Leftover Idli Batter | Idra Recipe | Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Khatta Dhokla Recipe or White Dhokla

Khatta Dhokla Recipe from the Gujarati cuisine is a quick fix, especially when you are tired of eating idlis. It is also a good alternative to use up the left over idli dosa batter. Today I’m going to share a quick Khatta Dhokla Recipe or White Dhokla prepared with leftover idli dosa batter, …

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Dry Moong Dal Recipe | Chutti Mug Ni Dal | Sookhi Moong Dal | Gujarati Cuisine

Dry moong dal recipe or Chutti mug ni dal

Hi friends!! As promised I’m here to share my next contribution to the Gujarati Summer Thali is Dry Moong Dal Recipe aka Chutti mug ni dal or Sookhi moong dal. This is a very simple, yet tricky dal, especially to get the consistency right. I have said enough about gujarati …

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Karela Batata nu shaak | Bitter Gourd Curry recipe | Gujarati Karela Sabzi | Gujarati Cuisine

Karela Batata nu shaak

My next share to my Gujarati Summer Thali is Karela batata nu shaak. This is a simple yet rich dish. Serve hot with roti but it tastes best with ripe mango. I still don’t understand this combo but that’s how the Gujaratis love it. In Gujarat this is one of …

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Gujarati Fajeto Recipe | Ripe Mango Kadhi | Indian Mango Curry | Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Fajeto Recipe

Mango, king of fruits, season is in full swing!! Who doesn’t like the sweet, luscious taste of mangoes? When I heard about this Gujarati Fajeto Recipe from a dear friend, I just had to try it out. Also known as Mango Kadhi, aam ras kadhi or Fajeto, it is a Gujarati dish made with a combination …

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Watermelon Agua Fresca Recipe | Mexican Drink With Fruit | Summer Drink

Watermelon Agua Fresca Recipe

Fresh fruit drinks are very popular all over Mexico and are served from large barrel-shaped glass containers. Agua Fresca or Aguas de Frutas – literally translated in Spanish as “fresh water” or “fruit waters”.  In India, this delicious watermelon drink is called Tarbooj Ka Sharbat. So friends I’m here today to …

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Mudda Pappu Recipe | How to Cook Plain Dal (Lentils) | Simple Indian Dal Recipe

Mudda Pappu Recipe

Mudda Pappu Recipe is the quintessential comfort food in most Indian households. No Indian meal is complete without the protein packed superfood, dal, which continues to be our culinary tradition throughout the length and breadth of the country since ages. Mudda pappu (plain dal) marks the sumptuous beginning of any Andhra thali …

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Usiri Karam Podi | Amla Spice Powder Mix | Indian Gooseberry Spice Powder For Rice & Idli

Usiri Karam Podi or Amla Spice Powder

There are always those lazy days when you just don’t feel like entering into the kitchen and having a simple meal with some ready made stuff like pickles or powders. They are also a quick fix dish when you are pressed for time to prepare a full meal and a great saviour …

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